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This is to notify the general public that the next BOD meeting slated for April 27, 2024, has been moved to May 4, 2024 at 9am

Join us live today April 2, 2024, at 3:30pm on zoom to SUPPORT Ridgeview Charter School(RCS) in our APPEAL before the State Board of Education (SBE)

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About Ridgeview PTO

At Ridgeview Charter School, we believe in the power of collaboration between parents, teachers, and the community to create a supportive and enriching educational environment for our students. Our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) plays a crucial role in fostering this partnership.
The Ridgeview Charter School PTO is a dedicated group of parents, teachers, and staff who are committed to enhancing the educational experience of our students. We work together to support the school’s mission and provide valuable resources and opportunities for our students and teachers.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Ridgeview Charter PTO

PTO Contacts

Antwan McNeill (PTO President)

Rhonda McCaskill (PTO Secretary)

Mrs. Jacquail Wells

School Song (music to the army marching song)

Over hill, over dale

We will run and never fail

Ridgeview wolverines are marching along

Integrity, day and night

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song

Chorus: Like a family

              Our school will always be

              Faithful and forever strong

             And wherever we go

             The world will always know

             Wolverines are marching along

Family, community

Leaders we vow to be

Ridgeview Wolverines are marching along

Being strong in the light

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song


                  Written: R. Williams, Founder and School Leader


I am a Ridgeview student

I strive to realize my potential

I strive to achieve academic excellence

I exemplify high moral character

I work diligently to prepare for the future

I am tomorrow’s leader!

           R. Williams, Founder and school Leader

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