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This is to notify the general public that the next BOD meeting slated for April 27, 2024, has been moved to May 4, 2024 at 9am

Join us live today April 2, 2024, at 3:30pm on zoom to SUPPORT Ridgeview Charter School(RCS) in our APPEAL before the State Board of Education (SBE)

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2023 – 2024 Car Line

Dear Wolverine Families,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! We are excited to welcome you back to campus. Please see the following tips to help us prepare for a safe and successful arrival and dismissal on campus. Tudents should know how to buckle and unbuckle as well as open and close car doors. Please be patient, carline staff are teachers trying to keep students safe!


Doors open at 7:40 am. School starts promptly at 8am.

Ridgeview has one lane to enter the campus, located off York street. Staff will direct you and signs are present to help identify the entrance.

Student must be dropped off at the school lobby entrance.

All students must exit from the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY.

U turns are not allowed anywhere on campus

No passing cars on campus

Do not enter on the line from the church’s parking lots; we must use York st. only

Follow all staff and School Resource Officer directions

Bus Parking areas are for school buses only.

Student may be dropped off in the designated drop zone only

Stay off your phone

Music must be turned off

Students arriving late must be escorted into the building by parent or legal guardian

Do not drop off students in front of the building at any time. If you must enter the building use the identified parking areas and escort your child into the building.


Dismissal starts at 3:00pm.

Do not park and attempt to enter the building for student pick up after 2:15 pm

Ridgeview has one lane for student ick up; the lane is off York st.. We use the same lane for drop off and pick up.

Have your car tag displayed I the window. Leave it u until your child is in the car.

Follow all directions of staff and Student Resource Officer

All students enter the car on the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY.

All drivers must stay in their car.

No passing cars on campus

Do not enter the lane from Bradley St.

U turns are not allowed anywhere on campus

Stay off your phone

Keep music off.

School Song (music to the army marching song)

Over hill, over dale

We will run and never fail

Ridgeview wolverines are marching along

Integrity, day and night

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song

Chorus: Like a family

              Our school will always be

              Faithful and forever strong

             And wherever we go

             The world will always know

             Wolverines are marching along

Family, community

Leaders we vow to be

Ridgeview Wolverines are marching along

Being strong in the light

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song


                  Written: R. Williams, Founder and School Leader


I am a Ridgeview student

I strive to realize my potential

I strive to achieve academic excellence

I exemplify high moral character

I work diligently to prepare for the future

I am tomorrow’s leader!

           R. Williams, Founder and school Leader

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