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To fulfill our mission, Ridgeview uses an international curriculum and supports the mastery of foreign languages. Ridgeview has offered Japanese, Spanish American Sign Language and French to all students.

Our five year goal is to build a language department that offers a consistent set of four languages to all students, k-5. As students matriculate through to middle school, they will choose one language for fluency and along with curriculum the supplemental use of international buddies, online resources and international travel for eight grade students will be part of the program to prepare our students for a global market.

Our overall curriculum is research based and robust to provide a well rounded education to all students. Ridgeview promotes English Language Arts, STEM, and the Arts. We firmly believe that students K-8 should be exposed to every element of education at a level of excellence that will allow them make informed decisions in high abut the path they choose to follow.
Combined with a foundation of foreign language and cultural exposure, our students are destined to be tomorrow’s leaders.

School Song (music to the army marching song)

Over hill, over dale

We will run and never fail

Ridgeview wolverines are marching along

Integrity, day and night

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song

Chorus: Like a family

              Our school will always be

              Faithful and forever strong

             And wherever we go

             The world will always know

             Wolverines are marching along

Family, community

Leaders we vow to be

Ridgeview Wolverines are marching along

Being strong in the light

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song


                  Written: R. Williams, Founder and School Leader


I am a Ridgeview student

I strive to realize my potential

I strive to achieve academic excellence

I exemplify high moral character

I work diligently to prepare for the future

I am tomorrow’s leader!

           R. Williams, Founder and school Leader

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