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Who we are

About Ridgeview

Ridgeview Charter School (RCS) received its North Caroline charter in January of 2018. Its founders, Johnnie and Reshall Williams, along with founding board members developed the mission and vision with the goal of creating a school environment that provides quality guidance and education for children in the areas of academic growth and development, social, emotional and physical well-being with a focus on global awareness.

Our Vision

The mission of Ridgeview Charter School is to provide K-8 students with a global perspective, so they are prepared to compete in the college market.

Ridgview Charter School will create an environment that values and appreciates differences and prepares our students to participate and thrive in an increasingly integrated world.

interested in joining us ?

Be part of the Wolverines!

Our goal is to create a learning environment where children will enjoy the learning process, discover new interests and unlock hidden talents.

School Song (music to the army marching song)

Over hill, over dale

We will run and never fail

Ridgeview wolverines are marching along

Integrity, day and night

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song

Chorus: Like a family

              Our school will always be

              Faithful and forever strong

             And wherever we go

             The world will always know

             Wolverines are marching along

Family, community

Leaders we vow to be

Ridgeview Wolverines are marching along

Being strong in the light

We will stand for what is right

Wolverines are singing our song


                  Written: R. Williams, Founder and School Leader


I am a Ridgeview student

I strive to realize my potential

I strive to achieve academic excellence

I exemplify high moral character

I work diligently to prepare for the future

I am tomorrow’s leader!

           R. Williams, Founder and school Leader

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