Simple and Fun: Pumpkin Geoboard

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Making a pumpkin geoboard is an amazing way to explore pumpkin STEM concepts with the students. These geoboard pumpkins turn the traditional geoboard concept into a three-dimensional math experience students love getting their hands on!


The geoboard pumpkins really don’t require that many materials. In fact, you likely have most of them on-hand already. Except the pumpkins, unless you often have those hanging around!

For younger students, we recommend only using the golf tees.

No matter what materials you choose, the students need to be fully supervised as they play and learn.

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Place the materials out on a classroom table, or even a large plastic bin on the floor or a table.

Show the students how to add the push pins if they’re interested.

Sit back and listen to the conversations as the students add the push pins.

The students will start having fun adding more and more pushpins to the pumpkin, then, they will began using the rubber bands to make patterns and shapes without prompting. From there, you can introduce them to the wooden mallets and golf tees!

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Hands-on, multi-sensory activities are imperative for young children as they learn and explore.

This pumpkin STEM activity allows for SO MUCH learning!

  • Fine motor skills = pushing the pins into the pumpkins and maneuvering the rubber bands
  • Gross motor skills = hammering the golf tees into the pumpkins
  • Creative expression = using the rubber bands and golf tees to create original designs
  • Math = geometric shapes and 3D exploration of the shapes, along with patterning
  • Science = observing how the pumpkins changed with the insertion/removal of the pins and golf tees
  • Literacy = so much language and conversation
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Share your Pumpkin Geoboard!

Share your projects with us at rcs@edupix.org so we can share it with everyone!

Attention all RCS parentS

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