Free Bus Transportation Service

The Ridgeview Charter School Bus Program is designed to provide safe and efficient transportation that meets all of the requirements of the daily instructional program and extracurricular activities.

School buses have been improving the lives of families all over the country. A good and safe transportation to and from school is critical, therefore school buses are an absolute necessity. Its passengers can socialize, text and simply be students without the deadly risks that affect everyone on the road. Transportation plays a key role in all domains of a student’s well being and as a charter school, Ridgeview puts students first, by ensuring their safety, independence, and ability to participate in after-school activities is never limited by pickup and drop off schedules or by parental obligations. That’s why Ridgeview Charter School offers its free bus transportation service to and from school for all its students in  grades K-7.

Benefits of the School Bus Service:

  • Safety: Students are 70 times more likely to arrive safely at school when traveling in a school bus vs a car and that is the most significant benefit that the school bus has to offer.  All Ridgeview Charter School bus drivers possess a medical certificate issued by a federally approved medical examiner, and are part of a  federally regulated drug and alcohol testing program.
  • Buses Reduce Pollution and traffic: One of the biggest advantages of school buses for a community as a whole is that they reduce pollution and rush hour traffic . Every bus full of students means fewer cars on the road, idling in traffic, and fewer cars on the road equates to over one billion pounds of CO2 emissions per year for just one of the 50 states. This way Ridgeview prevents air pollution that adds to climate change and we take care of the health and well-being of the community. There is no cleaner or safer way to transport a student.
  • Logistics: Ridgeview’s school bus service helps working parents save time and money throughout the school year. Wolverines and their families don’t have to struggle anymore between office, chores, and driving their children  to and from school. The service is free of charge and offered exclusively to students of Ridgeview Charter School.
  • Responsibility: Time management can be a difficult task to learn, especially when a student is in lower school grade.  Learning how to get ready to meet the bus on time is an important lesson that improves time management skills, independence and responsibility. 

School bus ridership benefits everyone living in Gaston County and in Gastonia. It is safe, improves traffic while reducing pollution, saves parents time, is effective, and it is an important part of the education system in Gaston County. Learn more about Ridgeview Charter School and the FREE bus transportation we provide https://ridgeviewcharter.org/transportation/

Attention all RCS parentS

Due to the forecast of increment weather on tomorrow, Friday, January 21, 2022, tomorrow will be a Remote Learning Day for all students, teachers, and staff. This notification is also available on local news stations WBTV-3 and WSOC-TV. Students are expected to engage in “Interactive Remote Learning” with their classroom teacher at 9:00am via Google Meets or Zoom per teacher’s instruction, as attendance will be taken and recorded

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