Education Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of an Educational institution such as Ridgeview Charter School will have as part of their many goals and responsibilities the oversight of the school’s education goals, determining policies, hiring a superintendent, and setting budgets. These responsibilities are essential to the school’s success, and they are a part of the Board’s mission that they must fulfill through a broad array of duties. Each school board member plays their function as a team member, an advocate for public education, and a liaison to the public. The Board of Directors of Ridgeview Charter School is composed of

  • Shezarrah Keane –  Board Chair
  • Colleen Samules  –  Vice Chair
  • Mikel Brown  – Treasurer
  • David Kean   – Secretary

Board of Directors Members

Shezarrah Keane BOD chair

Shezarrah Keane

Board Chair

Colleen Samules BOD VICE CHAIR

Colleen Samules

Vice Chair


Mikel Brown


David Keane BOD Secretary

David Keane


Attention all RCS parentS

Due to the forecast of increment weather on tomorrow, Friday, January 21, 2022, tomorrow will be a Remote Learning Day for all students, teachers, and staff. This notification is also available on local news stations WBTV-3 and WSOC-TV. Students are expected to engage in “Interactive Remote Learning” with their classroom teacher at 9:00am via Google Meets or Zoom per teacher’s instruction, as attendance will be taken and recorded

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