RCS Chromebook Technology Agreement!

GREAT NEWS!  Ridgeview Charter School’s (RCS) Chromebook device distribution for grades 1-7 (ONLY) will begin September 19, 2022, after our 20-day ADM Enrollment Period.  NOTE: Kindergarten Students will use iPads that are available for “IN-CLASSROOM” use ONLY; no Chromebooks will be distributed.

PARENTS: PRIOR to our RCS Chromebook Device distribution for grades 1-7, you are REQUIRED to complete our “Chromebook Technology Accountability Agreement” GOOGLE Form to ensure CLARITY and understanding of our technology agreement before a Chromebook device is released to you for accountability purposes. Ridgeview Chromebooks are strictly for RCS students for academic educational remote use in completing homework, online assessments, and Google Classroom assignments as assigned by our teachers at their discretion.  NOTE: Parent (s), if you have multiple students, you will need to complete this GOOGLE Form Technology Agreement for each student.

Questions may be directed to Ms. Tjuana Smith or Mrs. Jacquail Wells at (704)867-6635.  
Chromebook technology agreement
Attention all RCS parentS

Due to the forecast of increment weather on tomorrow, Friday, January 21, 2022, tomorrow will be a Remote Learning Day for all students, teachers, and staff. This notification is also available on local news stations WBTV-3 and WSOC-TV. Students are expected to engage in “Interactive Remote Learning” with their classroom teacher at 9:00am via Google Meets or Zoom per teacher’s instruction, as attendance will be taken and recorded

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